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Day 16


rain 14 °C

So in the spirit pf true adventure travellers, Krisitn and I decided this morning that we we're going to Lyon, about 3hours south of Paris. After packing our bags, we made our way to the closest Metro and took it all the way to the Main train station, Gare de Lyon. What Krisitn and I had failed to realize was that this upcomming weekend was a long weekend for the people of France, so without prior reservations, the trains to Lyon for the next three days were all booked up. We did however get a bit of sympathy from the man in the ticket booth, who said that we should try just standing on the platform and asking the conductor to let us on for stnading room. I t was a long shot, but he said that the fact that we were canadian could earn us a decent chance at getting on. So the train stops and after whipping out every bit of my acting ability (really glad we learned to cry on command in theatre this year!), we were safely on the train and on our way to Lyon. Upon our arrival however we faced a new challenge, the fact that no one seemed to have heard of our hostel or have any idea how to get there. After asking a number of people and walking back and forth through the rain, Krisitn and I decided it would be for the best just to check into the nearest hostel or Hotel we could find and call to cancel our reservations at the other one. After finding one and checking in, we called our original hostel, only to find that our reservation didn't go through and we wouldn't have had a place to stay anyways! Lucky day for us!
Tired from a long day of travelling, we went out to grab a bite to eat and spent the evening upacking, and enjoying our private room and full size bath tub to the fullest extent!
Talk to you soon!
Love Kristin and Kerry.

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Day 15


So with a sudden twist of fate, Krisitn and I decided to stay another day in Paris. And just like yesterday, Krisitn and I found ourselves overwhelmed by the amount of sights there are to see here!
We woke up at around 9:30 and packed up our stuff before heqding out for a walking tour put on by our hostel. The first stop was at Cemetiere Pere Lachaisse, the largest and most famous cemetary in all of Paris. We walked through it for about an hour, and saw the grave sites of people like Oscar Wilde, Jimmy Morrison, Edith Piaff, Chopin, and many others. After leaving Pere Lachaisse, we walked to a nearby Park for a picnic. It was a lot of fun. Then along with 5 other canadian backpackers we hopped onto the metro again and attempted to head to the catacombes, a historical site that was highly recommended by some of the travellers we met in Italy. However, we were saddened to find that we were 5 minutes late and that the Catacombes were closed. So, after stopping for a drink, we decided to head out to the Arc de Triomphe. It was really nice, qnd we were suprised to find that a number of WWII vets were there in full uniform to show their respect as well.
Afterwards, we went back with the group to the hostel. A number of people from the hostel were going out to the Eiffel tower later on!
Bye for now!

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Day 14


overcast 19 °C

Today was a lot of fun, as Kristin and I did our very best to understand the Paris metro system and sight see as much as possible! We found our way to the Louvre this morning, and we were able to see the Monna Lisa as well as the Venus de Milo. We wandered around and explored a bit more of Paris before heading to the Latin quater and Notre Dame Cathedral, which was unbelievably beautiful. From Notre Dame, we found a little restaurant tucked away in a little side street where we enjoyed a wonderful french fondue... easily one of the best meals we have had to date!
With full stomachs, Kristin and i headed back to the hostel to clean up a bit before heqding out on the final excursion of the night. We made our way down to the Eiffel Tower just in time to see it all lit up and glittering against the night sky. It was breathtaking, and definitly one of those moments where Kristin and I both found ourselves a bit in awe of what we were seeing.
We miss you all and will write again soon!
Love Kristin and Kare.

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Day 13


overcast 18 °C

Hey everyone!
Sorry, but this has to be very short as we only have a couple minutes of internet time! We got into Paris around 6pm last night. From the very little bit we've seen so far, it's a beautiful (and busy!) city. From our hostel window we can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance and are heading out to see it and the Louvre, etc. in a little bit. Hopefully will get a chance to fill you in on more details later! Bye for now.
Love Kare and Kristin

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Day 12

sunny 32 °C

Our first full day in Geneva was definitely a busy one. We got up and were out the door before 10, and stopped at a little cafe for croissants and a salad for brunch before doing a little more shopping. Early afternoon, we caught the tram up to the United Nations, took some pictures of the plaza, and toured the Red Cross Museum. After a few detours (and another stop at Starbucks), we made our way to Lake Geneve, saw the "famous" fountain (which wasn't really all that spectacular), enjoyed the sunshine, and walked around the Old City. We ended up eating at the same place we did last night (and it was delicious, again). After scouting out the main street for some more Swiss chocolate, we headed back to our hostel to pack and are planning on staying in tonight and getting a good nights rest for our journey to Paris tomorrow morning. Talk to you soon.
Kristin & Kare

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