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Day 8

25 °C

Well, we don't have much to update you on -- Last night we had another relaxing evening, playing card games with some fellow Canadian travellers staying with us. Today has been pretty uneventful; were able to sleep in a bit (which was a nice change!), write some postcards and do some journalling. We are planning on visiting the local market again this afternoon when it re-opens at 3:30, and then possibly heading back into Venice for part of the evening for a bit more sightseeing and souvenier shopping. We are planning on catching the 10:22 train tomorrow morning to Milan, and so hopefully will be able to write again once we get to our next hostel. Ciao for now!
Love Kristin & Kare

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Day 7


sunny 30 °C

Today was our first full day in Venice. We hopped over to the local market this morning and picked up some fresh pasta, pesto sauce, and tirramissu, to cook our own dinner tonight in the common kitchen. We also, to much of our delight, were able to throw in a load of laundry. However, as delightful as clean clothes may be, they were not only clean, but a completely different colour when they came out. boo. Somehow, almost every article of clothing we put in came out in a new shade of blue/grey. A little frustrating to say the least. But on the bright side, we (or our clothes) no longer smell like we've been living out of a backpack for a week!
We spent a little bit of time soaking up some rays on our patio, and then caught the bus to head into Venice. Wanting to observe as much of Venice as possible, we had decided to take the water bus around some of the Great Canal. We were at the front of the line for the next water bus and as it pulled up, we heard a friendly and familiar "hey!" from on the boat. It was the couple from Toronto we had sat with on the train yesterday. We joined them on the boat, and then spent the next couple of hours with them walking around the city. We went our own ways mid-afternoon, grabbed a bite to eat, and sat on the steps of Santa Lucia piazza. After a bit more of wandering, we caught the bus back to our hostel. We just got here and thought we'd write before we begin cooking our dinner. Miss you and talk to you later.
Love Kare and Kristin

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Day 6


sunny 25 °C

Well, we made it to Venezia! Of course not without a bit of an adventure though...

We got to the train station this morning shortly after 10am. We were hoping to catch the 10:37 train to Venice, but it was full and required a reservation. So we went ahead and made reservations for the 11:27 train. 15 Euros later...we had our seats ensured. We got on the train and sat with a friendly couple from Toronto. The train ride was about 3 hours and we got into Venice around 2:30. We had to walk about 10 minutes to get to the bus stop and realized we had just missed the bus by about 3 minutes. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, but being Sunday (or Festivo..whatever that means!) the bus only came once each hour. So we took off our bags and sat at the stop waiting for the next bus. Just over an hour later, our bus came around the corner. I made some smart remark about how "funny it would be if the bus didn't stop". And it didn't. So, in disbelief, we broke out in a bit of nervous laughter and sat back down! Apparently, we discovered, you have to almost jump in front of the bus and wave your hand if you would like it to stop. So, one hour later, Kerry did just that! The bus kindly stopped and on we got. Kerry's handy phrasebook helped us figure out which stop we were supposed to get off at, but not after asking a lady who spoke neither English nor Italian, but had a great deal to say in whatever language she was speaking.
We made it off at the right stop and found our place shortly after. It's a very nice place, actually more like a bed and breakfast than a hostel -- we have our own private room with private full bathroom, a shared kitchen, free laundry, limited free internet use and breakfast is included.
Tonight we're planning on having a low-key evening; the bus stop is a 30 second walk away, so we might bus into town, explore a bit and then probably call it an early night. We only get 20 minutes of internet/day, so we won't be on much.
Anyways, hope to write again tomorrow. Talk to you soon.
Ciao for now, Kerry & Kristin

p.s. The weather is actually nice here! sunny and very warm! now you can be jealous! woooot woot

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It has been really nice reading all of your comments and hearing that people are enjoying our journal. We're doing our best to keep it up every day, and we love hearing from you allso please feel free to comment or email us beacause we love hearing from you all!
You can comment right on the page on the site or email either of us!
Kristin - kristin_canby@hotmail.com
Kerry- kerry.paterson@hotmail.com

Miss you lots,
-Love Kerry and Kristin

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Day 5 - Firenze!

Ciao from Florence! So today is our first (and only) full day in the absolutely beautiful city of Firenze. We were extremely exhausted yesterday and were both in bed by 9pm. We woke up around 9am, to the sounds of a man belting out an Italian opera in the piazza not far from our hostel. You know you're in Italy when! We were out the door around 10am, and went to explore the covered market (because it was raining..again!) Afterwards, we ventured over to a small cafe where we had our first cappuccino and fruit danish. Though, we had to drink awkwardly standing up because they charge you double the price of whatever you bought just to sit down! But the coffee was good, so that's what matters!
The sun finally came out around noon and we headed over to the ''marceto chentrale" (central market); it was made up of hundreds of small venders, selling everything from jewelery, clothing, and lots of little replicas of the statue of David. We did a bit of souvenier shopping and then headed over to the indoor market which reminded us a lot of Granville Island! It had a fish market, meat stands, bakery, and lots of fruit and veggies. We were able to grab some bananas and oranges which really hit the spot and was much better than eating yet another protein bar..or spending €6 on a sandwhich!
We got our second serving of Gelato and enjoyed sitting and people watching in one of the main piazza, piazza d'repubblica. Everything here is just so Italy!
Anyways, we don't have many plans for the rest of the day..will probably grab dinner in a couple hours and then hopefully will do some more sightseeing! We're leaving for Venice tomorrow, so hopefully will be able to connect once we're there! Take care for now.
Lots of love, Kristin & Kerry

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