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more Geneva!

Well this is everyone's lucky day...3 entries in one day! The internet facilties at our hostel are fantastic, (not free, but relatively cheap)so we've been able to go on twice today. Like Kerry mentioned before, this is by far the nicest place we've stayed at yet (and one of the cheapest too...only 18 Euros a night!). We're in a 4-bed room with a really friendly young couple (about our parents' ages ;) ) from Quebec, the beds are comfortable, bathroom facilities are nice, and there is a common kitchen.
We ate out tonight at a Thai restaurant, which was delicious; Geneva is very internationally orientated and reminds us a lot of back home! As Kerry also mentioned I believe, French is the official language, but English is also very widely spoken. So Kerry's fluency in French has come in handy, and it is also a very nice change to be able to speak in English and have most people understand you!
As well, after having our first Swiss chocolate bar (which was amazing), a 1 Euro cappuccino, and finding discount shoe places (typically unheard of here!), we yet discovered why exactly Switzerland is thus far our favourite country...
This is what it looks to be...we found our first European Starbucks; it has a been a good day to say the least. I won't tell you what we paid for our coffees, but in our minds, it was a good investment! Other than the great coffee, it felt good to sit in a oversized chair and chat; it was a familiar environment in what has been for the last week and a half, a very, very unfamiliar environment. Anyways, it's off to bed for us! Write again tomorrow. Take care and Bon Soir!
xoxo Kristin & Kare

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Day 11

More pictures of Italy

all seasons in one day


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Day 11


sunny 22 °C

Hello!(Thats right, we can say hello and people here understand us!!)
So after enjoying one last meal and one last italian gelato, Kristin and I said Arrividercci to our now beloved Italy. We woke up at 6:45 this morning after a late night of packing and terrible sleep (it was awfully hot), and we caught an 8:30am train to Geneva. We arrived only 4 hours later, and found our hostel with record breaking speed and accuracy! A.K.A we didn't get lost or end up wandering aimlessly! Within 15 minutes of being off the train, we had found our place, locked up our bags, and were headed out the door for a late lunch. The hostel is BY FAR the nicest one we have stayed in yet, and after checking the train schedule, we are excited about spending not one, but two days in the lovely city of Geneva before heading to Paris. The prospect of spending some time in a place that speaks primarily English and French is really exciting for both of us!
As promised, here are a few more pictures from our adventures in Italy!
Talk to you tomorrow!
Love Kristin and Kare.

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Day 10

Last Day in Italia

sunny 35 °C

Buongiorno! (for the last time unfortunately...)
Today marked our last day in the absolutely beautiful and culture-enriched country of Italy. Both of us are sad to leave, but are happy with what we have been able to see/do and the experiences and memories that have come with the first third of our trip.
Our day today in Milan consisted of lots of walking, shopping, and stops for cold beverages. Milan is known as the shopping/fashion capital of Italy (and in some cases, all of Europe), so we definitely could not pass up a day at the outdoor mall(s). Though we won't disclose the amount we spent (more so for the sake and sanity of our parents), both of us stayed within a fairly reasonable budget and are able to walk away with at least a touch of European flare to our wardrobes! It was very hot though, easily 35 °C in the sun, so we were in and out of stores, more so just to get inside where it was air conditioned, and made a few stops for a cold drink.
We also went out to the train station to figure out our ride for tomorrow (to Geneva, Switzerland), which is leaving at 8:25am. We stopped at the post office on our way out, hoping to get some of our postcards on their way, but there was a huge line up. We love all of you, but not enough to stand in the stuffy portable building for 45 minutes...all that to say, you may have to wait a bit longer to get them!
We are planning on going out for a decent meal tonight, being our last night in Italy. And then of course, followed by our last Italian gelato! Hope all is well with everyone back home, and we plan on writing again once we're in Geneva tomorrow.
Kare & Kristin

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Day 9


sunny 33 °C

Well there isn't much to report, however I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that we have arrived in Milan safe and sound! We had an early start to the day, waking up at 8:30 and heading out to th Santa Lucia Station in Venice to catch our train to Milan at 10:22.
It only took us a few moments to make reservations for seats and climb on board, and soon we were well on our way to our final Italian destination. We arrived in Milan at around 1:45pm, and we were able to find the bus wee needed to get to our hostel soon there after. With a little help from our trusty phrasebook and our kind bus driver, we found our stop at Piazzale Susa and found our stay, Hotel Medusa, almost immediately. After checking-in and dropping our bags, Kristin and I went out to do a bit of exploring. We found a wonderful local market and a nearby internet cafe (where I am writing this very entry). Tonight we don't have any major sight seeing planned, we just want to keep it low key and get a goodnight's sleep so that we will be well rested for a full day of sighseeing and shopping etc... tomorrow!
Miss you all!
Love Kristin and Kare

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